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The Pastor's Desk



From the Pastor's Desk: -

Br. Dan Brady used to say (in his own manner) that a “80 year old woman with a broken backside (he used another word) could be pastor of St. Pius.” What he was saying was that the foundations laid by Fr Walter O”Brien, the tone at the receptionist developed by Br Pius Blandino, the administrative systems run by Peg Flynn, and the vigilance and skill of Bill Fortin created such strength the pastor didn’t need to be an all-star.

I am following John Gallagher who is the clearest thinking and most consistent of priests. Fr. Ernie and I have been here a little over a year (and that is all Fr Ernie). But the staff has been here for 10 years and more each of them. My backside isn’t broken but I appreciate being surrounded by strength.

In leaving St Joseph the Worker in Long Island and coming here I have reflected on how we don’t pick up where we left off. I am not going to be able to do all the things that Fr John grew to be able to do after 9 years. The fellow who succeeds me in Long Island the same. And St Pius won’t be able to do the things I was able to get St. Joseph the Worker to do after 9 years. We start at the beginning. Relationships develop you get to know me and begin to imagine what I could offer. I get to know this community of faith and see what the Spirit is shaking and burning inside its members.  On top of it all we are learning how to handle a once in a century pandemic that also makes us go backward and redig the foundations.

God is up to something, we pray we will cooperate,



Fr. Martin Curtin


Public Weekend Masses resumed as of July 4 – 5. We are following our regular schedule. The Governor's executive orders and Diocesan guidelines of May 27 and June 3 must be followed (e.g. face coverings must be worn, safe distancing practiced, and capacity rules followed.)

  • Bishop Cote has instructed that the distribution of Holy Communion be returned to its usual place during Mass.  The reason it was moved in the first place was to avoid everyone from leaving the church at the same time.  With that challenge in mind:
    •  Be sure to wear a facemask at all times while in the church. A mantilla is not a face covering.
    • Please remove it right before receiving Holy Communion so that both hands are free to make a   throne to receive the Body of Christ.
    • Please be careful to maintain a safe distance while waiting in line for Communion.
    • We ask those who will receive on the tongue to please wait till the end of the line and be sure to extend your tongue to receive the sacred host.
    •  IN general, be sure to be at least 6 feet away from another person or group when seated, entering, processing, or leaving church.

  • Please be sure to sit with a BLUE CROSS at your back, and no less than six feet away from another person or family group.
  • Our current Mass schedule allows about one-half hour between Masses to sanitize the church, so we ask you to arrive close to Mass time and depart quickly after Mass.  Any help you can give would be appreciated.
  • The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in effect until further notice. 
  • Those who are considered “high risk” because of age or underlying health conditions, or are experiencing Covid 19-like symptoms, should stay home.
  • Although Connecticut is doing well in lessening the virus, we can't let our guard down. We need to be prepared for another surge, especially as students return to in-school learning.
  •  We will continue to “Live Stream” the 9am Sunday Mass (only) on our St. Pius X Church Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/saintpiusmiddletown) page.  We will also publish the homily of the 9am celebrant on the Facebook page each week.
  • This can all be viewed at any time after it is recorded.