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The Pastor's Desk

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time- Now that the Christmastime is over, we have returned to the counted (ordinary) weeks of the church's liturgical calendar.  This year Ash Wednesday falls on February 26 after the 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  This weekend the readings emphasize the "call" or "vocation" of God to various people.  First, there is a comparison between the call of Jesus and John the Baptist.  They are related but different.  John recognized his call to be the forerunner of Jesus, to prepare the way for the Lamb of God.  Jesus' mission, his call, was to BE the Lamb of God, the one who would take away the sins of the world.  In the second reading from St. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, St. Paul uses the word "call" several times:  Paul is "called" to be an apostle, the community is "called" to be holy and all believers are to "call" on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In him, we find grace and peace.

Thanks to all who participated in the Solemn Vespers and the un-decorating of the church last Sunday,  The task was completed in one hour! 

Peace and all good things!


Peace and all good things!

Fr. JohnFr. John