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The Pastor's Desk

20th  Sunday - Jesus calls himself the "bread of life" and in rather unsettling images, invites his bearers to eat his flesh and drink his blood.  While the idea was repulsive to the Jews, Jesus' words evoked for the first Christian community the Eucharistic supper they gathered together to share on Sunday, the day of the Resurrection.  But in calling himself "bread", in inviting us to feast on his own Body and Blood, Jesus reminds us that his spirit of compassion, reflection of the Father's love, and Gospel of peace should nourish us and focus our consciousness on seeking God.  In Jesus, God is both provider and provision, both preparer of the feast and the feast itself, both the giver and the gift.  The love of God that is Jesus the Bread of Life is real food for our hungry selves, real drink that is the very life of God flowing through us.

Feast of St. Pius X - On this 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time we will celebrate the feast of our parish patron Pope St. Pius X at the 12 Noon Mass and officially welcome our newest parishioners, those who have formally joined our parish within the last twelve months.  We are grateful to parishioners John and Lynne Porto who created a special keepsake for the occasion, a handcrafted replica of the pectoral cross of Pope St. Pius X and special prayer of welcome for new parishioners.  Also, the pot-luck luncheon we will serve is our opportunity to say welcome to our newest parishioners.

We are grateful to coordinators Maureen DePierro, Stephanie Lesick-Hernandez and all who shared recipes and participated in the pot-luck luncheon.

Peace and all good things!

Fr. JohnFr. John