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The Pastor's Desk

29th Sunday Ordinary Sunday - Today's theme is perseverance - Moses keeping his hands upraised throughout the battle, Paul urging Timothy to stay with the task of preaching and teaching and the widow appealing for the corrupt judge.  In today's parable, the dishonest judge finally helps the widow because of her persistence.  Jesus teaches us an important lesson: if an imperfect and dishonest judge can be persuaded to do the right thing because of persistence, just think how much more we can expect our heavenly Father.  God in heaven is the  perfect judge, merciful and just, who surrounds us with his abundant grace.  Jesus assures us that God hears our prayers and reaches out to us swiftly and lovingly.  The story of the widow and the dishonest judge encourages us to dare to expect more when it comes to God's love for us.  Our first reading from the Book of Exodus reminds us that we do not win battles only by our own force.  As the refrain of today's Responsorial Psalm (121) reminds us:  "Our help is from the Lord, who make heaven and earth!"


Peace and all good things!

Fr. JohnFr. John