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The Pastor's Desk

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time - It's so much easier to be an admirer of Jesus than a follower.  But Jesus is not calling admirers.  He wants those who will take up their own cross and follow him.  Our crosses will be those burdens we carry by doing justice, as Jesus did.  We will bear our crosses when we tend to the sick, shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty and more.  In classical Catholic terms, we refer to these as the corporal works of mercy. Performing these acts of mercy takes us outside of ourselves.  It places others' needs ahead of our own.  We die to self so that others may live.  Following Jesus is not about convenience, easy living or mere admiration.  We only need to see the image of the cross to be reminded of that.  As Jesus had his cross, we have ours.  To be his disciples we have to take it up and follow him.

Catechectial Sunday:  Once again, our faith formation programs are beginning.  In addition to the programs for children from Pre-K through 10, including preparation for Reconciliation,  Holy Communion and Confirmation, there are ongoing opportunities for adults to deepen and enrich their faith by weekly and occasional programs such as Bible Study, Contemplative Prayer, RCIA and occasional retreat days.  We are grateful to the many volunteer catechists and assistants who give of their time and talent to make these opportunities possible and today in gratitude we acknowledge their contribution and promise our prayers and support:
     Krystyna Baron, Janice Bauer, Terryn Boucher,Tim Brady, Maureen Chmielecki, Gracie D'Mello, Janet D'Onofrio, Russ & Tess Dagaenais, Enzo & Michele Dastoli, John Devany, Jim & Sue Dunn, Roselani Ferguson, Elizabeth Gaudino, Darren Getek, Erin Giuliano, Rosemary Hall, Angela Hammond, Frank Inferrera, Charlie & Pat Jackowski, Emma Klein, Ann Kokoszka, Karalee Kolpak, Cassie Lombardo, Peter Lyons, Lisa Makula, Bob Malafronte, Wylie Malcolm, Ashley Martin, Janet Maune, Dorothy Morello, Angelle Morton, Richard Nadolny, Anne Nugent, Nathalie O'Neill, Regis & Jennifer O'Neill, Sou Nigosanti, Paul Okuja, Emily Ortiz, Joan Ouellette, Thom Pattavina, Melissa Piacenza, Heidi Pizzo, Tina & Rob Rickenback, Ada Rivera, Susan Rosenblum, Michelle Sanchez, Pam Sessoms, . Nancy Stillson, Hannah Stevens, Connie Tillotta, Lorrie Tine, Marilyn Vasquez, Kelly Weisenberg,  Dan Williams, Pat Wnuk,  Carol & Dan Wohlmuth.

Peace and all good things!

Fr. JohnFr. John