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The Pastor's Desk

Pentecost is an event for the whole Church.  Luke describes the Holy Spirit coming upon the 120 men and women, in the midst of Jews from throughout the world, as a prelude to Peter's declaration that now the Spirit is poured out on "all flesh" (Acts 1.17).  Paul asserts that every person in the community receives a gift from the Spirit, which is essential to the well-being of the community.  John describes Jesus breathing the Holy Spirit into each disciple in a personal manner, thereby signifying that each person in his or her uniqueness is a witness to Jesus in the world.  May we rejoice that now God dwells within human beings through the Holy Spirit that Jesus gives.  During this Easter season, we will have celebrated 12 Baptism of adults and children., 50 Confirmations and 45 celebrations of First Eucharist.  May we encourage every person in our community of faith to exercise his or her gifts so that the peace of God's kingdom may reign in our world.

Happy Pentecost!

Fr. JohnFr. John