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The Pastor's Desk

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time - In today's gospel, Jesus offers some very sound spiritual advice, what today we would call "spiritual direction".  Jesus tells him "God is worth more than anything in your life".  He tries to help him tease our what that would mean in his situation. The man has observed the commandments from his youth and Jesus could see that he knew there was more to his relationship with God than simply observing the commandments.  So Jesus pushed him to the next step:  "Go sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasures in heaven;  then come follow me."  It was hard for the man to accept that since he had many possessions - and "he went away sad".  Jesus  is always nudging us to the next level, the next step in drawing closer to him,  It takes a lifetime,  What does this gospel say to us?  What is the next step?

Peace and all good things!

Fr. JohnFr. John